Goldair Team extends Love and Care to “Dogs’ Voice” Shelter in Markopoulo Park


In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility and a genuine love for animals,the Goldair team recently paid a visit to the “Dogs’ Voice” dog shelter in Markopoulo Park.With an unwavering commitment to giving back to the community and making a positiveimpact, the team spent a memorable day interacting with the wonderful dogs housed at theshelter. The visit was a testament to Goldair's core values, showcasing their compassion forthose in need, including our four or even three-legged friends!

Team members engaged in various activities, from walking and playing with the dogs toassisting shelter staff with feeding and cleaning routines. Laughter and warmth filled the airas bonds were formed, echoing the sentiment that these shelter dogs are not just petsseeking homes but beings deserving of love and care. Our team embraced the spirit ofempathy and support for the “Dogs’ Voice” shelter's noble mission of rescuing and rehomingabandoned or mistreated dogs.

Goldair group of Companies remainsdedicated to making a difference,fostering compassion, andadvocating for the well-being ofanimals in need. The visit to “Dogs’Voice” dog shelter in MarkopouloPark was a touching reminder of thepower of kindness and the joy thatcomes from giving back to ourcommunities, one paw at a time.Goldair looks forward to continuingits efforts in creating a brighterfuture for these deserving animalsand invites others to join in thismeaningful cause.